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Opening Ceremony for the Class of 2014


The Opening Ceremony for the Class of 2014 was held in the Gymnasium of Shanghai Finance University. Around 2,300 freshmen from across the country attended the special welcome ceremony for them. 

Singing the National Anthem

Professor ZHENG Shenfang, the Party Secretary of SFU, is conferring the University Flag to the student representative.

Professor WANG Hongwei, the President of SFU, is giving the opening speech.


 Professor LU Haibo, Deputy Party Secretary of SFU, hosts the Opening Ceremony.

 Professor WU Daqi, the Vice President of SFU, is announcing the names of tutors of Class 2014.

 Professor ZHANG Hui, from the School of Finance and Public Administration, sends the sincere wishes to the new students.

 LAO Jiling, the student representative from the School of Accounting, is giving a speech. 


 Admission Oath



Photographed by Mr. NI Yuehui