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Modern Coins Museum



Shanghai Finance University Modern Coins Museum


Shanghai Finance University Modern Coins Museum, the first contemporary coin museum in China, was officially opened open to the public on May 26, 2012. The museum has become the venue to spread the coin knowledge, display the coin culture and conduct the coin research. It is part of the university culture and a teaching practice base popular among the students.


The Museum consists of four parts, namely, “Contemporary Official Ware”, “Chinese Coins”, “World Coins”, and “Exquisite Craftsmanship”. These four parts illustrate China’s contemporary gold and silver coins from the aspects of basic knowledge, classical variety, subject series and manufacturing arts.
“The Contemporary Official Ware” consists of five parts, mainly introducing the modern gold and silver coins, contemporary souvenir coins, the basic knowledge of contemporary coin issue and circulation system, the master of contemporary gold and silver coins art and their masterpieces as well as gold and silver coins that the P.R.C has issued so far. The first two unites of “Chinese Coins” focus on gold and silver coins about China’s traditional culture, art and the Chinese Zodiac. The third unit displays the gold and silver coins which have won international and domestic awards. The fourth unit displays a variety of Panda Coins, and panda is the Chinese treasure.
“World Coins” is about special exhibitions whose topic changes periodically.
“Exquisite Craftsmanship” is about the craftwork procedure and features of contemporary gold and silver coins. It presents the rare-to-see materials and documents such as the design draft, plaster could, steel mould and representative coins of different craftsmanship.