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Since its founding in 1952, the Shanghai Finance College (SFU) has offered accounting and auditing courses and programs. School of Accounting was one of the few schools established in March,2007 based Accounting Department after Shanghai Finance College transformed into a 4 Year University, Shanghai Finance University (SFU) in 2004. School of Accounting Offers 3 Bachelor Programs: Accounting (since 2004), Financial Management (since 2005), Auditing (since 2008).
The School of Accounting is located in Building No.5 with Accounting departments, Finance department and Auditing department. Students not only have opportunities to study Abroad in more than 20 exchange programs around the world but also can earn a dual degree from SHFU and partner Schools in USA, including University of Rhode Island (Finance Degree) and Lakeland College (Accounting Degree).
Our commitment to quality education is reflected in the dedication of our faculty and our cooperative education with accounting and finance industries. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to be successful in a global economy.