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Name(in pinyin and Chinese): Shen Yan申燕


Date of Birth:1972-10-02

Place of Birth:Jinan,ShandongProvince

Business Address:School of Finance and Public Administration,Shanghai Finance University, No. 995 Shangchuan Rd,Shanghai. 201209

Work Phone: (86-21)50216816

Mobile Phone: 86-18901966998

E-mail: shenyanzh@163.com



2005.09——2008.12  School of Public Economics and Administration, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Doctor of Philosophy in Public Finance, concentrating on theory and practice of public finance.

 PhD thesis: Study on the theories and policies of freeway cost compensation

2002.09——2005.07   School of Finance, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics,   Master of Economics, concentrating on theory and practice of public finance

Masterthesis:Analyses on fiscal expenditure of provincial central cities

1991.09——1995 .07Department of English Literature, Shanxi University , Bachelor of Arts in English



2009.01——Present  Shanghai Finance University, Shanghai, Associate Professor

1995.09——2002.07  Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, Taiyuan Shanxi Province, lecturer




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5.Shen yan,2008: “An Analysis on Regulation of Freeway Toll inChina”,Price Theory and Practice,Vol. 9:34-35



Monograph:“Study on Theories and Policies of Freeway Cost Compensation” published by the Publishing Company ofAnhuiUniversity, 2010 .


Book chapters

2010  “Urban Public Finance to Promote “Two Centers” Construction ofShanghai,(published byChinaFinancial and Economic Publishing House)