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YANG Qiuju


YANG Qiuju

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Associate professor                                 

Vice dean

School of Finance and Public Administration


No. 995 Shangchuan Rd,Shanghai.

Email: yangqiuju@shfc.edu.cn



Teaching: public management

Research: pubic ethics



September,2003-June ,2006, Suzhou University,

                         Ph.D. of Law, major is politics theory.

                         Research Focus: government integrity, the relationship

                         between state and society

September,1998- June,2001, HuBei University,

                         Marster of Law, major is public administration. 

                         Research Focus: Expansion of government power

September ,1994- June,1998 ,GuiZhouUniversity,

                         bachelor of Law , major is public administration



National Social Science Fund:  An Empirical Study on government integrity construction of benign interaction between the government and the society.



Full Time:     

August, 2001 - June, 2003  Politics and Public Management School of Hunan


August, 2006- Present  Shanghai Finance University


Part Time and Visiting Positions:

September, 2013- September, 2014  Visiting scholar of government

                             and public policy school of inUniversityofArizona         

Courses taught:

     public administration

       public management





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