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Department of Physical Education


Department of Physical Education is a sports teaching unit focused on the teaching of sports, physical training, group competition, health test and other tasks.
My yard fencing team has got excellent results especially in moving competition and exchanging match at home and abroad in what be participated in the whole nation、province、step of city colleges and universities.Be that the academy gains 466 medals, 190 gold medals, 144 silver medals and 132 bronze medals among them from 1990 to 2013 together.
Physical teaching put the club system into infect which takes a premise that health is crucially important. Department of Physical Education conceives the physical well-being is at the core of health, aims to enhance the students' awareness of the importance of physical training, to cultivate their participation in lifelong physical exercise, and to improve their fitness.
Faculty and Staff Members: There are 19 teachers and 3 educational guides including 1 professor、5 vice professor、9 lecturer、4 Assistant in Sport Department, and there are 12 teachers achieve master's degree and 1 techer get the doctor’s degree.
Research: Physical teaching and training.
Majors: Physical education(one)、Physical education(two)、Physical education(three)、Physical education(four)、Health Education and Physical Fitness for college student.
Courses: Yoga、Aerobics、art circles、Body step、Ballet dance、Aerobic Latin Dance、Hip-Hop、Jazz、LaLa dance、Badminton、Table Tennis、Golf ball、Tennis、Basketball、Football、Vollyball、Fencing、Taichi、Karate、Bodybuilding and etc.