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SHEN Xinrong


SHEN Xinrong

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Associate professor

Department Head

School of Insurance

Shanghai Finance University,

No. 995 Shangchuan Rd,Shanghai.

Tel: (86-21) 68681225

Email: shenxr@shfc.edu.cn



       Teaching: Insurance

Research: Insurance theory and practice



During 1993.9-1997.6, I had been studied in insurance department of Hunan Finance and Economics Institute, obtained the economic bachelor's degree.

During 2002.9-2005.6, I had been studied in insurance department of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, obtained the economic master's degree.



I had obtained several honors and the award item, such as “the Year-end appraisal of work to be outstanding”, “the advanced worker”, “the teaching high quality prize”, “the demonstrative classroom”, “Shanghai Finance University the second session of scientific research outstanding award paper class the second prize” and so on the titles of honor and the award item.


Full Time

From the year of 1997 to 2001, I worked inChina Pacific Insurance Company Ltd.

From the year of 2001 to present, I am a professional teacher in Shanghai Finance University.


Courses taught:Imainly teachInsurance, Insurance Marketing, Property Insurance Practice, Life Insurance Practice, The Insurance Supervision and Management and Development Tendency, Currency Banking, Central Banking and so on.



I had published 13 dissertations in “Insurance Studies”, “Finance and Insurance”, “China Adult education”, “China Management Informationization”, “Market Modernization”, “Journal of Shanghai Finance University” and so on in each kind of economy class core periodical.

    I had been responsible to manage the different rank 8 topics of Shanghai Municipal government,Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Higher education Academic society, ShanghaiFinance University and so on. I had also participated in certain topics. I had also participated and compiled 7 textbooks and works.