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School Introduction


School of Information Management

The School of Information Management sets three undergraduate majors: Information Management and Information System (concentration of financial information management), computer science and Technology (Financial Information Technology) and the electronic commerce. The existing staff of 36 people (including 1 specially-appointed professor), including 30 full-time teachers, professors, associate professor 5 people, 16 people, 13 people (including 1 in reading).
The school is committed to developing the application for the financial information talents with innovation ability and international vision, and assume the computer basic teaching task; construction of Economic Information Laboratory of the central and local governments, municipal education heights -- financial information highland; build a multi level excellent course, city appoint the key course, dozens of published materials teaching achievement prizes, awarded outstanding teaching award, etc.. The initial format of the characteristic education combines the information technology and financial services industry.
Scientific research and Industry College oriented integration of Finance and information. Construction of the financial information technology research institute, the Ministry of financial information innovation team and Shanghai city jointly funded, forms two research direction of financial data analysis and financial model, assume the provincial and ministerial level and industry of dozens, construction is the key discipline of management science and Engineering Laboratory, financial information and the central finance and Shanghai city jointly support, formed a batch of product characteristics.
The college emphasizes the cultivation of students' ability of industry practice. The establishment of industry expert guidance committee, established the students’ hands-on DIY innovation lab, and enriched the two classroom quality development. The students made outstanding achievements in the national innovation project, the international mathematical modeling, technology innovation and social services, a large number of projects received recognition and reward.