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Department of Applied Mathematics


Department of Applied Mathematics has a financial mathematics major and two teaching and research divisions: basic subjects for all majors and subjects for financial mathematics major. With strong and tremendous human resources of twenty-six faculty members including 2 professors, 11 associate professors, 17 teachers with doctorate degree, Department of Applied Mathematics undertakes the teaching task of public mathematics courses for all majors and major courses for financial mathematics major.
Department of Applied Mathematics is cultivating a core team of young and middle-aged teachers during the sustained development. In order to enhance and improve ourdisciplinary construction and teaching quality, we invited Academician Zhidong Bai, Professor Shisong Mao and ProfessorSimo Puntanen to give lectures, engaged Professor Zhidong Bai fromThe Academy of Sciences for the Developing World to be an adjunct professor and established academic contact with many universities and institution overseas. We also achieved abundant fruits in teaching and academic research: six programs of The National Natural Science Fund, two programs for Shanghai Natural Science Fund, eight Research and InnovationProjects of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, more than a hundred academic papers on core journals home and abroad including about fifty papers of SCI, EI, CSSCI and ISTP. Department of Applied Mathematic successfully held International Statistics and Financial Seminar in 2007, the 19th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics in 2010, the 7th Annual Conference of China Commercial Economics Society---the Economic Mathematics Research Branch in 2012, and the 6th Disciplinary Construction and Academic Research Symposium on Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering in 2013.
Department of Applied Mathematics is devoted to the combination of knowledge impartment, ability cultivation and quality improvement and focus on students’ integrated capacity of learning, practice and creation. We achieved excellence in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling during years. Department of Applied Mathematics, so far has cultivated graduates for four years, among them, 60% work in financial companies, 10% continue their post-graduate study home or abroad, 30% take jobs related to their major of Mathematics.