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LI Rui


Associate Professor of Mathematics,

Department of Applied Mathematics,

Shanghai Finance University,

Shanghai, 201209 , P. R. China.

Tel: (86-21)50218609

Email: lir@shfc.edu.cn



Teaching: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Space Analytic Geometry, Theory of Matrix.

Research: General Topology.



Northwest University, Xi’an, Bachelor of Science. 1982.1




Full Time

January 2005-present: Shanghai Finance University,Shanghai,; Vice- Professor of Mathematics,

August 2002-Dec 2004:Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Vocational Technology ,Suzhou, Vice- Professor of Mathematics,

July 2001-July 2002:Zhejiang New Century Institute of Economic and Trade ,Hangzhou, Vice- Professor of Mathematics,

Dec 1986-June 2001:Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology,Shenyang, Vice- Professor of Mathematics,

Feb 1982-Nov 1986: Northeast Institute of Coal Gasify and Design, Shenyang, Assistant Engineer of Economic Analysis,


Courses taught

UndergraduateCalculus: Economic Calculus and Calculus.

         Linear Algebra: Linear Algebra and Higher Algebra.

          Space Analytic Geometry: For Students in Department of Math.

MasterTheory of Matrix: For Students in Department of Chemical Technology.




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  Text Book

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