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CHI Dongxuan


Name: CHI Dongxuan  

Gender: Female

Position: Director of teaching and researching section

Professional Title:  Professor

Educational Level: Ph.D.

Graduate Institution: Northeastern University, China

Educational Background:  

Graduated from Mathematics College of Northeastern Normal University

Graduated with a Master's degree from college of science of Northeastern University, China

Doctoral candidate from college of science and technology of Northeastern University, China

E-mail Address: chidongxuan@126.com

Major Field: hybrid theory and its application

Major Achievements: The Restrict Merger Approach of a Kind of Multidimensional 0-1 Knapsack Problem    No.22, Vol.37 (2007)

Reducibility and Stability of Equilibrium Point of Schrodinger Equation with Quasiperiodic Coefficients No.18 Vol38 (2008)

A Method for Mammogram Enhancement Based on Image Fusion May, 2006

On stability in equilium of second order linear wave equation with quasi-periodic coefficient No.2 Vol.29 (2008)