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Department of Social Sciences


The Department of Social Sciences has four Teaching and Research Sections, they are “Teaching and Research Section for Basic Principles of Marxism”、 “ Teaching and Research Section for sinicization of Marxism” “Teaching and Research Section for Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Basic Law Education”and “ Teaching and Research Section for Situation and Policy”.
The (School of) Social Sciences is responsible for the ideological and political theory courses and humanities elective courses in the school. It includes more than 11 courses, such as  “ Introduction to the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics of Mao Zedong Thought”、“Outline of Modern Chinese History”、“Sociology”、“ Personality Psychology”, and so on.
The Department has 19 faculty members, including 5 professors, 7 associate professors and (other) 7 lecturers . Additionally, several part-time professors in other University works for the school.