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LI Yuan


<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Associate Professor  Vice Dean

School of Business Administration

Shanghai Finance University

Tel: (86-21)5021-8033

E-mail: sxly_0011@163.com


Academic Experience

<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->2004-now, teacher in business management department of Shanghai Finance University

2001-2004, teacher in business management college, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

1986-2001, teacher in adult education college, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics


During my teaching career in the past 26 years in university, I have taught many trunk courses of business administration, such asMarketing, International Marketing, International Business Negotiations, Consumer Psychology, The Principles of Management, Modern Company Management, Company Strategy, Commodity Circulation Theory, etc. My research direction is mainly on marketing. I have delivered more than 30 papers on core periodicals, and edited 8 monographs.

In 1994, I set up a management consulting company. Since then, I have planned, organized and implemented approximately 40 large-scale business expositions hosted by national commercial department, domestic trade department, and national bureau of building materials in my spare time. I have also offered effective intellectual services for many well-known companies and governments of all level with regard to management consultation, marketing planning, high-level administrators’ training, project programming, designing and arguing, etc. All these practical work has greatly improved my ability in the areas of teaching and scientific research. Meanwhile, 20 years of teaching experience, in turn, enables me to provide better intellectual services for various organizations.

In recent years, on invitation of some institutions, such as national banks, CMCC, CNC, tobacco companies, governments of all level, etc, I hold a series of lectures on marketing, company development strategy, leadership, negotiations and communication, and so on. In so doing, I accumulate plentiful practical experience which is of great help in dealing with clients and media.

The famous companies I have consulted for:

China Mobile, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Everbright Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Coca Cola, Jianlibao group, VV group, HuiYuan Beverage & food group, Fenjiu group, Tianlong group, etc.



<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->    2008: Lakeland College, U.S.A,visiting scholar

    2002 - 2003:ShanghaiUniversityof Finance and Economics,Shanghai,China Further study in marketing postgraduate program

    1993-1994: the RenminUniversityofChina,Beijing,China Further study in trade and economics area

    1982 -1986:ShanxiUniversityof Finance and Economics,Taiyuan,China

Bachelor of arts in trade and economics area, awarded in 1986


Publications and Accepted Papers

<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Papers:

1. Build thefirewall of marketing strategies, forge the core competitiveness of The Trust Industry(Journal of  Zhejiang Finance, 2013)

2.Constructing Marketing Channels to Upgrade Trust Services Sectors (Journal of  Zhejiang Finance, 2013)

3. The Research on the Strategies ofChinese TrustMarketing(Journal of  Zhejiang Finance, 2013)

4.The Research on the Tactics of Chinese Trust Marketing(Journal of  Zhejiang Finance, 2013)

5. The Study on the Public Relationship in An Exhibition(Journal of Commercial Times, 2006)

6.The Thoughts about the Development of Chinese Modern Service Industry,(Journal of Economic Issues, 2006)

7.The Analysis on the Strategy Foundation of Shanghai’s Modern Service Industry(Journal of Development, 2006)

8. Strenthen Marketing Concepts to Enhance the Competitiveness of Chinese State-owned Banks(Journal of Finance and Economy, 2006)

9. New Views on Business Operation (Journal of Economic Issues, 2004)

10. Understand the Direction of Marketing Management through the Change of Marketing Forms(Productive Power Research, 2004)

11. On the Marketing Applications of Exhibitions (Journal of Lanzhou Business College, 2003)

12. How to Prepare for an Exhibition(Journal of Chinese Economists, 2003)

13. Exhibitions: An Sharp Weapon for Enterprises to Exploit the Market (Journal of Chinese Economists, 2003)

14. Customer Received Value: Secret Course for Enterprises to Obtain Competitive Advantage(Journal of Economic Issues, 2003)

15. Service Wonder: Exhibitions (International Business Technology, 2003 )



1.The Strategies of Using 2010 World Expo to HelpShanghaiBecome aWorldExpoCenter, funded byShanghaiEducation Committee

2.The Research on the Education Models of Marketing Application Talents, funded by Shanghai Finance University

3.The Research on the Strategies and Models of Shanghai’s “ Three Services”, funded by Shanghai Education Committee




Edited Books:

1.Network marketing 2009,Chinese Higher Education Press ,Beijing

2. Marketing, 1999, Chinese Commerce Press, Beijing

3. Modern Enterprise Management---Faculties and Elements, 1999, Chinese Commerce Press, Beijing

4.The Theories on Commodity Distribution, 1998,Chinese Commerce Press, Beijing


Teaching Experience

<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->2004-now, marketing, financial marketing, international marketing, marketing management, consumer behavior, negotiation and communication, convention introduction

2001-2004, management, marketing, modern enterprise management

1998-2001, marketing, modern enterprise management

1986-1998, commercial economics, marketing



Academic Honors, Grants and Fellowships

model teacher ofShanghaiFinanceUniversityin 2007<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->,2008,2009,2010,2011


Professional Development

<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Trust Marketing /Financial Marketing /Event management