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LU Hui


Associate Professor of Management,

SchoolofBusiness Administration,


No. 995 Shangchuan Rd,Shanghai.


Email: njlh920@163.com



Teaching: Human Resource Management (HRM),

  Theory and Method on Talent Assessment, Remuneration Management

Performance Management, Common Instruments and Techniques onEnterpriseRecruitment and Selection, Planning on Career

Research: Human resource management ,Agricultural Economics and management, Quantitative Analysis, Econometrics, Artificial Neural Network, Grey System ,



Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics School of Economy and Management, Management Science and Engineering, Post Doctor           2005

NanjingAgriculturalUniversity,SchoolofEconomyand Management, Management of agricultural economy, PhD                               2001

NanjingAgricultural University,SchoolofEconomyand Management, Economy and Management, Postgraduate                               1996

NanjingAgricultural University, Farm Mechanization Bachelor  1988




Issues Managed and Participated

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.   <!--[endif]-->Influence Mechanism and Influence Research of Food-price Fluctuation under the New Situation onChina’s Food Supply Security, 2010.01-2012.12

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2.   Influence Research onChina’sFood-price Fluctuation under Inflation Situation, 2009.01-2011.12

3.  College Teachers’ Station Competency and Teachers’ Personality Trend’s Matching Research, 2009.09-2010.09

4.  Feasibility Study of College Teachers’ Personality Encouragement Scheme2008.09-2009.09

5.  The Establishment of Evaluation of College Teachers’ Assessment Index System Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process, 2007.01-2008.01

6.  Cost Forecasting and Scheme Selecting of China’s Food Security Supply, 2005.03-2007.02

7. The Establishment of the Index System Influencing the Brain Drain in the Northern Part of Jiangsu Province, 2004.08-2006.12

8. Research on How Sex Influence on Women Acquiring Top Management Position, 2004.08-2006.12

9. Research on Early Warning Mechanism of China’s Food Security System and Food Security, 2006.07-2007.12

10. Research on Minor Enterprises’ Human Resource Situation and Changing Trend in Undeveloped Areas, 2004.10-2005.12

11. The Features and Performance Research of Country Labour Force Training in Developed Areas ------TakeNanjingas Example, 2005.06-2007.06

12. Measure and Calculation of Human Capital’s Contribution Rate toChina’s Economic Growth, 2003.04-2004.12

13. The Key Topic ofShanghai Finance University: The strategic research ofShanghaiInternationalFinancialCenter’s Talents Gathering Based on Ecologic Theory, 2006.02-2007.02

14. The Research on How Country Family Using Methane Tank Influences on Family Energy Consumption, 2004.07-2006.07

15. Thinking and Countermeasure of Unified Accumulations of Urban and Rural Solving the Issues of “Agriculture, Country, Farmer”, 2003.12-2004.06   

16. Research onNanjingFarmers’ Increment Countermeasure, 2001.06-2002.06

17.Thinking and Countermeasure of Nanjing Carrying out the Development of Unified Accumulations of Urban and Rural, 2003.04-2004.04

18. Research on Yangtze River Delta’s Manufacturing Business Development Strategy2004.08-2006.12

19. Enterprises’ Social Responsibility Authentication, 2004.08-2006.12


      Presiding Educational Reform Issues

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.  High-quality Teaching Material Course of Training Human Resource Management   2009.1-2010.12

2.  Important Course of School Human Resource Management    2009.9-2011.12

3.  Educational Reform Issue Logistics Engineering       2006.01-2007.12

4.  Educational Reform Issue Project Management      2005.01-2006.12  



Full Time

<!--[if !supportLists]-->     1.  Associate Professor,ShanghaiFinanceUniversity,SchoolofBusiness Administration   2006.8-Present

     2.  Vice Professor,NanjingAgricultural University,EngineeringCollege  2004.4-2006.7

     3.  Lecture,NanjingAgricultural University,EngineeringCollege    1998.1-2004.3

     4.  Assistant,NanjingAgricultural University,EngineeringCollege    1992.7-1997.12


Courses Taught

Human Resource Management (HRM),

Theory and Method on Talent Assessment, Remuneration Management

Performance Management, Common Instruments and Techniques onEnterpriseRecruitment and Selection, Planning on Career



Published Works

1.Human Capital Investment and Peasant Income IncreasingChina Science and Culture Press (write only by myself)  2004.10

2.Exploration and Practice on Chinese Issues of Agriculture Country and Farmer,

  China Business Press(write in collabration with coauthor)      2005.02

3.Human Resource Management Training Textbook, chief editor


Published Research Paper

1. Trend Analysis on the Alteration of the Educational Yield Rate in the Chinese Urban and Rural Area         Agricultural Technical Ecnomy     2004 (1)

2. Effective Analysis on How Country Labour Flux Influence on Peasant Income         JiangnanUniversityJournal        2004 (1)

3. Discussion and Proving on How Human Capital Influence on Peasant Income Increasing Mechanism        NanjingAgricultural University Journal  2003 (3)

4. Time Features of Chinese Country Labour Force’s Transferring         Economic Forum             2002 (18)

5. Analysis on Peasant Income’s Features in Developed Area and Influential Factors on Increment           Agricultural Economy           2002 (8)

6. Eight Unbalanced Relations Which Chinese Economic Development Needs to Solve        Modern Economic Discussion     2001 (4)

7. Alteration Trend of the Edcational Yield Rate in Urban and Rural Area             Economic Research Reference     2004 (23)

8. Agricultural Economic Development Situation and Countermeasure at this Stage           Agicultural Economy            19987

9. Agricultural Input under Market Economy          Agicultural Economy            19997

10. Demonstration Analysis on How Peasant Income Level Influence on CountryFamily Energy Consumption Structure           Finance and Trade Research       2006 (3)

            11. Comparation of Family Energy Consumption Structure Between Country Families with Methane Tanks and Those without Methane Tanks          Chinese Methane                20063

            12. Discussion on Security and Risk of Supply Chain and Precautionary Measure         Finance and Trade Research         2005 (5)

13. The Index System and Evaluation on Country Families Using Methane Influences on Environment              Solar Energy Journal              20073

14. The Establishment and Evaluation of Talent Flow Index System                Economic Forum              20084

15. Research on the Influential Factors of Labor Flux Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process           Enterprises Economy              20081

16. Trend Forecast of the Development ofShanghaiFinancial Industry Based on the Grey Prediction Model              Economic Forum                  2008

17. The Establishment of Developed Countries’ Food Security Evaluation Index System (Post-doctoral issue)              Foreign Economy and Trade Practice  20083

18. The Establishment of College Teachers’ Performance Assessment Index System and Discussion on the Attentive Problems during Performance Evaluation               Consume Guide                    20081

19.The Establishment and Evaluation of College Teachers’ Assessment Index System Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process           Finance and Accounting Monthly      20084

20.CollegeTeachersPerformance Assessment System Research             Liaoning Educational Research       200809

21 Quantitative Analysis and Forecast of Talent Flow Based on Artificial Neural Network                Enterprises Economy               2009.2

       22. Necessity andFeasibility Study of College Teachers’ Personality Encouragement Scheme             Modern Educational Research            2009/11

       23. Research on College Teachers’ Differentiation Need           Education and Profession                  2009/10

       24. Research on College Teachers’ Personality Encouragement Scheme       Career Horizn           2010-6

25.Research on the Need of College Teachers’in Developed Area            College Educational Science             2010-3