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International Trade


International Trade in Services


Regional Economics Integration



Ph.D.,International Trade,Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Bachelor,Economics,Shanghai University of Finance and Economics



Baosteel Prize of Excellent Teachers

Third Prize of Teaching Achievement in Shanghai



Full Time

2004.7-School of international Economics & Trade, Shanghai Finance University

1987.8-1998.1 Yunnan Administration College

Part Time and Visiting Positions

2008.9-2009.4 The University of California, Los Angeles

2008.4-2008.8 The University of Rhode Island

1998.9-1999.7 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

1998.2-1999.7 Shanghai International Studies University

1990.2-1991.1 Datong international transportation co., LTD. Kunming Branch

1989.2-1990.1 Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province

1987.8-1988.7 Lecturer Mission of Yunnan Province, Lijiang Branch

Courses Taught

International Trade

International Trade Practice

International Economics

International Services in Trade

International Economy Cooperation

World Economy

Studies onInternational Economics & Trade

SOHO Venture for International Trade

International Trade Center Construction Dynamics





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