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School Introduction


Schoolof InternationalEconomics and Trade


School of International Economics and Trade, which is one of the earliest secondary schools in Shanghai Finance University, includes the Department of Economics, the Department of International Trade, the Department of International Business, Economic Development Institute and International Economics and Trade Institute with four undergraduate majors (directions): Economics, International Economics, International Economics and trade, and International business. The School was honored to be one of the first "Economic and Trade Undergraduate Education Project” of Shanghai Education Commission in 2005 and one of Students’ Experimental Bases for Innovation and Entrepreneurship education.
The School has a faculty of 38 teachers including 34 full-time teachers, of which 14 have senior professional titles, 25 are PhDs (including reading). Among them, most  were graduated from Chinese famous universities and research institutions, including Fudan University, Tongji University, Nankai University, Nanjing University, Hunan University, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, National University of Singapore, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. 26% of them are "double quality" talents who have both deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience, 71% have international foreign study experience to qualify bilingual teaching.
Training Objectives
● To adapt the demand of Shanghai "four centers” construction and economic restructuring
● To cultivate international, financial, innovative and application-oriented talents
Training Mode
● Basis of economic theory
● Expertise in foreign trade
● Financial knowledge background
● English communication skills
● Second language skills
● One diploma with more than one certificate
● Comprehensive quality
International education
● Bilingual Education
● Straight Entrance Graduate Project
● International Student Exchange Program
● U.S. Study Abroad Fund