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From Class of 2010

Adzaxo Washington Mawuena(Ghana)

Shanghai Finance University is, a research based and service institution, long committed to excellence and access of undergraduate and graduate students in the liberal arts and sciences.

Founded with good principles, Shanghai Finance University is one of the best public colleges in Shanghai and the country, dedicated from its earliest days to serving a student body, which reflects the diversity of China. I take pride in being a student here and the success it has over the years in enabling the people like me be a better global citizen.


If you are in China and not here then you are missing a lot because SFU combines the strengths of their varied experiences with the skills they need to participate effectively in the wider society.


Abdourahamane ly

Overall, my experience here has been positive, the teachers are very helpful, at least the ones I had, one can also make a lot of new friends around the campus. They use American text books for most of the subjects, and Classes teach a lot of Theory, more practical information would definitely be useful, inside the campus you have supermarkets, coffee shops and nice restaurant around, the area is getting more accessible with the new mall at Minyao road and bus connection to subway at Jinhai road makes it more closer to the city center.


From Class of 2011


Given a chance to express my study life here in SFU, I would call it Eye Opener. That is to   say through SFU I now see the world of business in an entire different view.  It has been my dream to study abroad and i can comfortably say that SFU has turned this dream into reality.  The study quality might not be ranked as the best but the experience of different culture especially Chinese culture has opened my eye to level i never thought I would. China being the biggest trading centre in ASIA, it’s a great achievement being able to drink from the source by experiencing this business oriented culture. Our university has played a great role in my studies as an economist. I have been equipped with the right tools for a bright future in Trading and economics. 


From Class of 2012

Zhanibek Otetileu

 I am Zhanibek Otetileu student of Shanghai Finance University, majoring in International Finance Major. I like the school, I like the idea that the school can give education in English. I find it very good especially for these who can’t study in Chinese but still want to experience education in China, Shanghai. I studied in Shanghai University before in Chinese Language Program. The location was good it was in the downtown and I realized that there were so many distractions. So I think the location of the university where I currently study, Shanghai Finance University is better. I like how teacher treat the students. I am really thankful, for all the teachers and the school stuff for being so good to me.


Jonathan Muromba

It’s always a pleasure being part of a school with rich cultural diversity, not only will I learn about the finance major that I am studying, but also different cultures around the world from my classmates. Shanghai Finance University treats all students the same, disregarding nationality or background. I can safely say this school is free of racism. I strongly believe that I will achieve my goals and dreams at this school.


Festus Antwi

I am Festus Antwi and this is that I think about our school. The school facilities are good but we plead with the school authorities to have a change in the dormitory facilities. Also, the Chinese school soccer team has their own jerseys but the foreign students do not have so the authorities should as well to do something about it and organize some sport competitions in the school. The location of the school is somewhat outskirt of town but it is convenient where it is. This is my opinion about the school. 


Neema Rowland Sawaya

I am Neema Rowland Sawaya, second year student majoring in Finance. What I like about Shanghai Finance University is the environment, the interaction Chinese students always have with foreign students in different activities, the few but memorable events the international students office organizes and the fact of being active and serious on attendance follow ups. 


Fadel Cherif

Hi I’m a current B.A Degree student from Shanghai Finance University. It’s a rigorous program. You’re exposed to various industry speakers and many events throughout the year. There is a mix of students from many nationalities which makes it a great platform for learning different cultures and doing business in those cultures. 


From Class of 2013

Justine Emanuel Luvanda, student of our International Economics & Trade Program from Tanzania:

“Being at SFU, which its main aim is cultivating practical economic and financial talents will help us to have the fully understanding of what international trade is and how to run international business in an excellent level, to have the skills on how to connect different countries in business and trade, to know how to introduce new foreign products to foreign market to allow people from different countries enjoy products that are not made in their country, to develop an understanding of the complex nature of economics in the international environment and its close relationship with financial management firms. I would like to say, with grateful heart, we receive this honor to be admitted in this university, and surely we promise to be good ambassadors of this university inside China and outside China, when we go back to our countries.”


Amarkhuu Namuun, student of SFU International Finance Program from Mongolia:

“Our university is praised as aCradle of Future Financial Experts. With the help of friendly office teachers and higher educational professors, I adapt myself in Shanghai very soon and make rapid progresses in our university. I’m very satisfied with our schooling environment and various educational facilities, which make my study a worthwhile experience, such as multimedia rooms, computer labs, E-reading rooms, training bases on campus and internship bases in Shanghai. In-addition, extracurricular activities make my student life more colorful and let me know more Chinese culture. I’m very glad to choose Shanghai Finance University, because I think that I will be also a successful, skilled, higher education employee in my future.”